wand pro unlimited

wand pro unlimited

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PRO Unlimited – Contingent Workforce Management


Wand, PRO Unlimited’s vendor management system (VMS) platform, is an omnichannel solution that is simple, easy to use, and highly robust. The Web-based channel delivers a comprehensive solution for all of the different stakeholders in the contingent labor ecosystem, including HR and procurement leaders, department heads, managers, workers …

PRO Unlimited – Contingent Workforce Management


PRO Unlimited’s vendor management system (VMS) platform, Wand®, is a robust solution for managing the contingent workforce in a simple, intuitive way. The first pure native mobile, tablet, and wearable VMS on the market, Wand delivers a comprehensive solution across various devices and platforms for all of the stakeholders in the contingent …

PRO Unlimited – Contingent Workforce Management


PRO Unlimited created the Wand Mobile Vendor Management System (VMS) application from the ground up, as a true native app for iOS and Android. The result is the industry’s most robust mobile VMS application, providing users with familiar swipe and tap navigation elements with user interface features only found on true mobile applications.

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WAND Help General Questions – PRO Unlimited


WAND Help – How Can I? 1 WAND Help Looking for answers? This document includes commonly-asked questions from our users. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know. General Questions How can I log into WAND? Open a web browser and enter https://prowand.prounlimited.com in the browser’s address box.

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