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tenant tech

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Tenant Technologies truly embodies the phrase “going above and beyond.” Not only did they take the time to personally introduce us to their program, they customized it to fit our needs. Tenant Technologies’ follow up has been top notch; they have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff and they are always available to answer any questions that we may have. Los Pinones Apartments, Santa Fe, NM. I’ve been working with the new MultiFamilyForms program for two days, and it is …

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1665 WILLAMETTE FALLS DR. WEST LINN, OR 97068 503-233-2125, TOLL-FREE 877-230-2125. Privacy Policy

What is a “Dev Tenant” and why would you want one? – Microsoft Tech …


Dev Tenant vs “Customer Digital Transform” Tenants. Something that may be confusing to some is the difference between the dev tenants and “Customer Digital Transform” tenants. The latter are Microsoft 365 tenants that you can provision if you are someone providing sales or guidance to customers using Microsoft 365. They are extremely …

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What is a Tenant? | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI


This has been in the context of Power BI. Specifically with the new Public Preview and how a Tenant plays into that. So, I wanted to get something out there to try and explain what a Tenant is. For our purposes, a Tenant is a term used for an Office 365 Organization. A Tenant is like an Apartment. If you think about an Apartment and an …

What is Single-Tenancy? How’s it Different from Multi-Tenancy?


Single-tenant instances through a cloud service or SaaS. Data is independent of other potential tenants with the same provider. Data security. Even if there is a data breach to one tenant with the same service provider, another tenant would be safe from the breach since data is stored in a separate instance.

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