scdew my benefits

scdew my benefits

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WELCOME To ACUITY – South Carolina

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Home | SC Department of Employment and Workforce

The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce is excited to welcome you to the refreshed website. All of the information that you have come to rely on from our agency is in this fresh, clean, efficient format which is also now fully compatible in mobile view.

Applying for Benefits | SC Department of Employment and …

When you become re-employed and earn more than your weekly benefit amount, you must end benefits. Ending benefits is easy. Simply stop filing weekly claims. You may still be eligible for benefits if you are making less than your weekly benefit amount. Always report your weekly wages to ensure you are not obtaining benefits illegally.

How We Help Individuals | SC Department of Employment and …

Unemployment Insurance. Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a nationwide program created to financially help eligible individuals (also referred to as claimants), who are unemployed through no fault of their own, are able and available to work and are actively search for employment.. The program allows UI recipients to maintain purchasing power, therefore, easing the serious effects of unemployment …

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How to Register in Your New MyBenefits Portal Account

How to Register in Your New . MyBenefits Portal Account. TelClaim: 866-831-1724 1. Cat. #149 Revised 06/07/2019. Go to to begin your Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits process. This is the main . website for the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce. On this website you can find informa-tion about the UI process as well

Accessing Your 1099-G | SC Department of Employment and …

A 1099-G is a tax form from the IRS showing the amount of refund, credit or interest issued to you in the calendar year filing from your individual income tax returns. Please note: to view your 1099 from any year, even if you exhausted your benefits, you must register to access the MyBenefits portal.


applying for PUA benefits and click Next. The PUA Eligibility section will be at the bottom of the Summary screen. You must click Next to complete the application process. Fact Finding You must complete the DFF associated with the PUA Eligibility issue on the Fact Finding screen by clicking the Provide Additional Information link. The DFF

SCDEW Workforce Information Portal

The SCDEW Workforce Information Portal’s purpose is to provide secure access to UI claimant information so that training and employment services can be provided to targeted claimants. The Portal will als

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