portals of phereon

portals of phereon

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Getting Started – Portals of Phereon Wiki


Choosing low hostility portals at start is of the utmost importance: as low a number as you can get, primarily below 3. Portals destabilize in a short period of time unless you pay forth some gold and crystals to maintain them. Once you have stabilized the portal, it will remain until you manually destroy it. You don’t need to pay again.

Portals – Portals of Phereon Wiki


The Portal crater is one of the main locations in Town. The Guild is responsible for its operation. Here you can go interact with Sylvie, go on expeditions with your party to various portals, receive rewards for portal milestones and stabilise portals for permanent access.

Portals of Phereon – TFGames.Site


Portals of Phereon a good game with a fair amount of content. Having said that, it is definitely an X game rather than XXX in my opionion. It does take a fair amount of effort to really get into because of the amount of various systems and mechanics, but there is something of a tutorial to help with that.

True Unicorn – Portals of Phereon Wiki


Strategies [ Notes [. A fast support with a deceptively high amount of strength and one of the rare bad anatomy species that resists lust. It’s also basically the only unit with drain mana on attack that can actually hit hard enough to matter.

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Tips and Tricks – Portals of Phereon Wiki


In portals, only structures and landmarks are permanent. Objects/events and battles reset each day. To beat the game, you just have to win the final mission. Being in debt, losing resources and only having a few characters left doesn’t matter at that point.

Portals of Pheroeon Game Walkthrough Download for PC


Portals of Phereon is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls. Maincharacter is currently a female (or futa) human (still not quite sure about that. Maybe she will be a unique species that cannot be found anywhere else, making hybrids between her and anything else also unique).

Portals of Phereon Wiki:Policies and guidelines | Portals …


Portals of Phereon Wiki:Policies and guidelines. Edit source. History Talk (0) NOTE: As I don’t really know anything about wiki editing and management, I’ve mostly just copied everything below here from another wiki. Feel free to modify it and delete this message once we think the guidelines cover everything we need. — …

Portals of Phereon, new beginnings – YouTube


Portals Of Phareon is a NSFW sort of Adventure breeding sort of game, with as well rounded focus on both the story aspects and the serialization of its conte…

Portals Of Phereonportal exploration/combat(P 1.5) – YouTube


Portals Of Phareon is a NSFW Adventure/ breeding game, with as well rounded focus on both the story aspects and the serialization of its content, adding bot…

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I’m Syvaron and i mostly draw monstergirl related stuff etc.. I’m currently making a game: “Portals of Phereon” (18+ breeding-/managemen-t/tactical

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