portal characters

portal characters

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List of Portal characters – Wikipedia


ATLAS and P-body are the player characters in the co-op campaign of Portal 2. They are two robots that cannot speak and can only produce grunts, which are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. They are equipped with their own portal guns which bears the colour of its user (blue and purple for ATLAS, yellow and red for P-body).

List of Portal characters | Neo Encyclopedia Wiki | Fandom


ATLAS and P-body are the player characters in the co-op campaign of Portal 2. They are two robots that cannot speak and can only produce grunts, which are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. ATLAS is a modified personality sphere, while P-body is a modified turret.

Portal:Characters – A Wiki of Ice and Fire


George R.R. Martin’s world of Song of Ice and Fire, contains hundreds of complex and vivid characters, spanning multiple storylines and continents played by lords, bastards, knights, ladies, and children.With dozens POV Character, through whose eyes the story is told.. Note: If you are not yet up to date with the books, then caution is recommended while browsing the recent sections of the …

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Portal: Characters | Kirby Wiki | Fandom


Portal: Characters. View source. History Talk (0) Share. watch 02:45. Wiki Targeted (Games) Do you like this video? Play Sound Copy Abilities. Characters. Games. Anime. Media. Random. Help Out. Allies and Playable Characters. Allies are anyone who helps Kirby on his adventures. Some allies have redeemed themselves and become friends with Kirby …

Portal / Characters – TV Tropes


The Portal 2 team say this is a major reason for using robots as the co-op mode characters. They wanted your (many) deaths at the hands of badly-planned maneuvers, incompetent or jerky co-players, and just larking about, to be funny and more consequence-free than showing humans being crushed, shot, or falling in acid and so forth.

Portal:Characters | Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki | Fandom


Portal:Characters. View source. History Talk (0) Share. This portal is a listing of all characters by the media they appear in. Manga

Portal:Main Characters | Lostpedia | Fandom


This portal shows the eventual fates of all of the characters whose actors have ever been given a main billing on the cast in order of episode count.That is to say, when the credits roll at the beginning of the show, their name has been included in part of the ensemble of actors that are presented as “Starring” in the show, and not as guest or featured stars.

Portal:Characters | Incredibox Wiki | Fandom


Portal:Characters. View source. History Talk (0) Comments Share. This article is a stu- st- st- st- st- stub Our community needs more information on this page! Can you help out? Click here to add more,

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