How to Make Concrete & Concrete Powder in Minecraft [Updated Guide]

These days gaming has become so popular that everyone is spending more time playing games. Even there are so many different types of games available like Minecraft, Free Fire, Call of Duty, and more. Today, we are going to talk about Minecraft. Minecraft is the sandbox game for the one who wants to be creative. The players have to build structures with coloring blocks of different materials and fight with their enemies.

About Minecraft

As of now, the Minecraft game has more than 120 million monthly active users. This game is appropriate for all aged people, so no need to worry about that. The main purpose of this game is to build and explore.

There are two modes available one is Survival, and the other is Creative. In the Survival mode, the players find their own building supplies and food. They also get in touch with moving creatures like Creepers and Zombies. In the Creative mode, the players get supplies, and to survive, they do not have to eat, and all the blocks can be broken easily.

As with the help of multicolored blocks, you can create anything you want, but do you know how to make Concrete? To build anything, you will need concrete and concrete powder. If you are not aware of this, then do not worry, as we are here to help you out on making Concrete.

While making Concrete in the Minecraft game, you will feel like you are an Architect in the real world.

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How to Make Concrete in Minecraft with Concrete Powder?

There are 16 different colors available in concrete powder so that you can make concrete of any color of your choice.

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Step 1: Select Dye Accordingly

This is the very first step you must do while making concrete. You need to decide the color of the Concrete Blocks. With the help of Dyes, you can change the color of any block, items, and mobs. There are different types of colors available like red, orange, yellow, green, lime, cyan, light blue, blue, purple, magenta, pink, brown, black, grey, light grey, or white. You can get Dye via crafting, smelting, or trading.

You can make a new colored dye by mixing up the white dye with other colored dyes and make a combination of colorful dyes.

If you want to make concrete in Minecraft, first, you need to know what stuff is needed for making concrete powder. So, first, check out the requirements for making concrete.

Step 2: Requirements for Making Concrete Powder in Minecraft

Firstly, you need to make powder, so for that, you need three materials.

  1. Four blocks of SAND
  2. Four blocks of GRAVEL
  3. One Dye of any color

This is how you can make concrete powder. Now you need to choose your Dye.

Step 3: Collect Sand Blocks

Collect sand blocks

As above, we have told you that you will need four sand blocks to create the concrete powder; now, you need to collect the blocks. You can find Sand blocks so easily in the game as it can be on the banks of Ponds or islands. And there are some other small areas, which have a good amount of sand blocks.

Places where you can find Sand blocks:

  • On the Banks of Ponds or Islands.
  • Besides islands and Oceans.
  • In small areas like Desert Biomes.
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So, from here, you have to collect enough amount of Sand blocks.

Step 4: Collect Gravel Blocks

Collect gravel blocks

To make a Concrete powder, you need to collect Gravel blocks. These blocks are mostly found underwater, and it is very easy to find the Gravel blocks in more quantity.

Places to get Gravel Blocks:

  • Underwater
  • On beaches,
  • Mountains
  • NPC Villages

Step 5: Make Concrete Powder

In the above steps, we have collected all the required materials to craft the concrete powder. Now, let us start making the concrete powder.

Concrete Powder Making

Check out the Crafting table to make powder:

You must add 4 blocks of Sand, 4 blocks of Gravel, and one dye color as per your choice.

Place all these 9 ingredients in 9 square boxes. Once this step is done, you will get 8 pieces of Concrete Powder, and then you can turn this powder into Concrete.

Step 6: Craft Concrete Blocks

As we have concrete powder ready, we can turn it into hard and vibrant blocks and can build anything. You need to pour water into the concrete powder to make concrete blocks.

Turning Concrete Powder into Concrete

You can also use a pickaxe to make concrete blocks. In one hand, hold the powder, and on the other hand, hold the pickaxe. Hold it together in a separate hand and mine the blocks. If you want to make concrete blocks in high quantity, then you can put the powder in a tower and add water from the top of it.

So, these are the steps to make Concrete and Concrete powder in Minecraft. We hope this article was helpful to you in making concrete and concrete powder in Minecraft. If you know any other way to create concrete, then do share it with us.

Some Important Information To Look
  • If you are thinking that rainwater or water bottles can harden your concrete then you are thinking in the wrong direction. Please follow the above steps in order to harden Concrete in Minecraft.
  • The concrete powder won’t stay for long if there is nothing below, it means, you should not go against gravity. The same gravitational force applies to the concrete powder which applies to Sand and Gravel.
  • If you do not want to lose your block then you need to mine Concrete with a pickaxe.
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F.A.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can you make Concrete in Survival Mode?

Yes, you can make gray concrete by adding a bucket of water to the gray powder of concrete.

Q. How to make concrete powder and concrete in Minecraft?

Above, we have explained all the details of how to make concrete and concrete powder.

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