January 08, 2014
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Values Learned in the 90s: Bravery (Part 1 of 4)


Through life, we experience many things that shape us to become the people we are today. Preparation to become the adults we are starts in our youth. The 1990s was a pivotal point in my life, and experiencing those years in my youth set me up to become the person I am today.


Many of life’s curveballs force us to be braver than we think we are, and however you choose to look at it, being a kid in the 90’s definitely helped a little.

The game of “Perfection”, a.k.a. a ticking time bomb waiting to send you into cardiac arrest, definitely tested this value firsthand. The bright yellow pieces were to be placed in the proper pegs as time wasted away. If the game exploded before you were done, not only did you lose, but your parents would run downstairs asking what happened because of how loud you

You had to be a tough cookie in order to finish the puzzle. When you finished it before the game exploded, it didn’t even seem that scary when it popped! Bravery set into your little kid veins and you could conquer anything.tumblr_m3rtyerfHZ1qir45xo1_500

You also had to be brave if you were the owner of a Furby in the 90’s. I owned one of these little fuzzballs of terror, mostly because I was naïve and didn’t know that even if you take the batteries out and shove it in the closet, it would still urge you to “come play” at 2:00 in the morning. True story.

Their re-emergence in recent years has been frightening. The Y2K kids clearly don’t know of the misery they caused. Now with electronic eyes, it’s more than clear to me that the Furby’s comeback is because they are CIA agents receiving information through the kids of today.tumblr_m6wo5pIZHk1rvvanjo1_400

However, we are survivors.survivor

I am clearly strong enough now, brave enough now, and ready to tell you, Readers, that Furby scarred me for life through his shenanigans in my childhood.

Thank you, Furby and “Perfection,” for creating strong and brave adults through your terrifying reign in the 1990s. There is no doubt that now, through any life experiences coupled with these two things, we are all braver than a little toaster on a vacuum cleaner.

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