August 26, 2013
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Dream Come True: MTV VMAs


mtv-vmaIn 1997, at 9 years old, I watched my first MTV Video Music Awards. Since I lived in Nebraska, I was hooked by the lights, glamour and  fun, and I was mesmerized by the Spice Girls’ performance of “Say You’ll Be There.”  The event took place in New York City then, and I knew I wanted to live there one day.


Flash forward to 2013, and I realized it ain’t easy making plans for the future in this city. Buying property almost requires winning the lottery. Sure, being 20-something and broke is fine, but what about my 30s and on? I had moments when I doubted why I was even here – if the living was going to get harder.

But life has odd ways of working out, letting you know that this is where you’re meant to be.

For the 30th anniversary of the VMAs, the show returned to NYC, and I was so excited just to get tickets far up in the nosebleed section. But after some amazing coincidences/luck, I won a ticket to be in the pit. To be a crazy fan, screaming in front of the performers.

Now, I may seem melodramatic by saying that winning a ticket to some music award show demonstrates New York is where I’m meant to be. But anyone who knows me knows pop music and culture are huge parts of my life. If you had known me at 9, you probably knew this moment would happen some day.

The night was incredible, especially when T-Boz looked me right in the eye. (She’s why I don’t chase waterfalls.) Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC made my early teenage years come full circle. But the best part was Macklemore rapping “Same Love,” a song that was extra special due to a minor incident I had just the night before, reminding me that it’s still an issue in 2013.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures in the pit, lest security escort me out. (You just have to take my word for it that it happened.)

But basically, I can hear my 9-year-old self telling me to stay in the City for at least a while longer.

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Tue Tran

Tue Tran

Tue moved to New York, from Nebraska, without many plans. He only packed naive optimism, puns, and some financial support from viewers like his mom. He knew exciting things were going to happen, and that has proven to be true. Right now, he's realizing how well red wine goes with blogging.
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