Benefits of Using Social Media for Marketing

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Social media marketing is a digital advertising strategy which uses social media to market certain products or services. Together with the booming popularity of social networking sites, this kind of marketing became one of the most employed marketing techniques by entrepreneurs. It is undeniably an emerging powerful trend in the world of marketing, so entrepreneurs should take advantage of social media sites for business growth. Here are four benefits that would probably convince you to engage in social media marketing.

Product Becomes More Visible and Accessible

The opportunity to increase your visibility and accessibility is probably the most significant benefit of social media marketing. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, the number of people who are actively engaged in social media sites have also been continuously growing in numbers. Social media is a great venue for you to promote your products and/or services to a large number of potential consumers. Since the Internet is a global arena, you are not just limiting your marketing capabilities at the local level, you are also showcasing your products to the whole world.

With the proper content and right timing of posts in your company’s social media account, you can easily reach your audience in just a click. Moreover, if your content is well thought out and is able to bring out laughter or evoke a moving message, you can make your posts viral. Because social media sites allow the sharing of posts, people are able to share word of your products and/or services easily.

For instance, a Facebook user who was never interested in your product or never even heard of it can check your page out once he/she becomes exposed multiple times to your advertisements in his/her news feed. Or maybe a fan of your company can tweet in Twitter about how wonderful your products are so that all of his/her followers can get acquainted with what you’re selling.

More Customer Interaction

customer interactionAs already mentioned, social media makes it easier for people to access and get acquainted with your products. This means that it would also be easier for your actual customers to reach and interact with you. They now have the ability to contact you without having to go through the inconvenience of physically going to your store. By being able to engage with your potential and actual customers, you can increase the number of people who are loyal to your company’s product.

Now, this is where your active engagement in your social media accounts becomes important. You should exert a fair amount of time and effort to make sure that you regularly post relevant content in your accounts. Don’t just leave them empty and inactive because visitors might get turned off with your ill-maintained, unappealing, and unresponsive accounts. As an important note also, make sure that you don’t post unprofessional and unflattering content. If these are all carefully taken into consideration, social media can become a great way to earn loyal followers of your products.

Lesser Marketing Costs

cost benefitsCompared to the costs of traditional advertising such as television and newspaper advertisements, social media marketing costs are much lower. Dedicating a few hours per day and devoting yourself in making an effective social media marketing plan are all that are needed to produce relevant results. Using social media does not require you to pay any amount of money unless of course you want to. But even if you want to invest in paid advertising, the costs you would incur would still be inexpensive. Your marketing goals would however affect your total online advertising costs, meaning if you want a large following in just a short amount of time, you would have to pay more for that.

Facebook’s, Twitter’s, and Instagram’s paid advertising are generally cheaper and affordable that even those who are just starting out their own businesses can manage to pay for their online advertisements.

More Feedback from Customers

Finally, social media allows feed backs and reviews from previous customers, so you are able to evaluate the general impression of your audience. By reading the comments of social media users, you would get insights about how people perceive your products and/or services which in turn would help you improve them.

A perfect example of this would be Facebook’s rating system for online shops. Facebook users can give a rating from one star to five stars and also accompany this rating with a comment. This is beneficial for both the owners and the visitors as well.